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Mex Insurance Online-MIO is a company born in Sonora State, México, which is border with Arizona. MIO rises from tourist’s need for an accessible, safe and friendly choice to obtain Mexican Insurance for any kind of vehicle. Fed by the huge growth of an online world, our options have been widening and the market has responded in a positive manner.

We currently offer services with the best and most distinguished insurance companies like Grupo Nacional Provincial GNP (Rated “A” by A.M. Best), ABA/GMAC, Seguros ACE, GE and Zurich, covering from a motorcycle to a commercial trailer and a range of services from road assistance to air transport to country of origin. Our best: always maintain competitive prices with the best rated insurance companies.

At MIO, we have 24/7 telephone support with both US and Mexico lines with the firm purpose of offering our customers a quality service, always.

We have lately been updating our system and services now offering insurance for motorcycles, RV, commercial trailers, boats, sailboats and powerboats.

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  • I have been working in the Insurance Service for more than 12 years, providing service to health, vehicle, home and business insurance with the largest and best Insurers in México: GNP and AXA. My son and I have been working together for more than 4 years now, bringing security to tourists in the US-Mexico area by offering our customers a quality service providing online insurance solutions.

  • We hope you enjoy your visit and have a pleasant time.

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    +52 1 662 276 0620 Primary Móvil Cecilia
    +52 662 210 6770 Office
    +52 662 215 0780 Office
    +52 1 622 111 0027 Second Móvil Franklin

  • Cecilia Mtz. de Castro Astiazarán

  • Franklin Gaxiola Mtz. de Castro