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Included in all Mexican liability insurance coverage policies:

1. Civil Liability - This coverage protects you in the event you cause bodily injury or property damage to third parties. Coverage is available up to $300,000 U.S. Combined Single Limit for damages you do to others. BEWARE OF OTHER MEXICO INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO USE LOWER SPLIT LIMITS, I.E. 40/80/40. Lower split limits reduce the amount of payment for certain types of losses.

2. Guaranteed Bond and Legal Assistance - Our policy will pay to assist you in the event you need to deal with Authorities following a covered cause of loss. BEWARE OF OTHER MEXICO INSURANCE COMPANIES WHO DO NOT INCLUDE THIS COVERAGE IN THEIR PROGRAM.

3. Travel Assistance - Our policy includes certain types of travel assistance, including medical assistance, tourist information, vehicle towing, etc. MOST OTHER MEXICO CAR LIABILITY INSURANCE COMPANIES DO NOT OFFER THIS SERVICE.

4. Medical Expense for Occupants - Our policy will pay medical expenses of the driver and occupants of the vehicle in Mexico for injuries sustained in a covered cause of loss. Mexico car liability insurance coverage is available up to $5,000 for each injured party but not more than $25,000 for all occupants combined. Not included in MOTORCYCLE policies.

Optional Physical Damage Coverages

1. Property Damage to Your Vehicle - This coverage includes Collision, Turnover, Fire, Lightning, Explosion, and certain meteorological events, among other coverages. Note that "Comprehensive" coverage as known in the U.S. is not available in Mexico.

2. Total Theft - This coverage includes Total Theft of the vehicle. Note that partial theft coverage is not available from most Mexican insurers.

Optional Special Broadening Endorsement

We have three special optional endorsements available which, when purchased, that provides you with a coverage package endorsement not available from any other insurance company in Mexico. Some of these additional optional coverages include partial theft, vandalism, uninsured motorist, increase cost of repair, and fixed minimum deductibles.

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